"Cobra Fashion" was established in Israel in 1970 by Tzvia and Asher Noti, specializing in fashionable and top quality swimwear and sports wear.

Since 1980, "Cobra Fashion" is also exporting its swimwears and beachwear to the leading fashion chains in Europe.
Iris Noti, the second generation of the family, had joined the family owned company as the Marketing VP.
From its early years, "Cobra Fashion"s vision and policy was and remained as an uncompromised quality and style starting at the design stage and all through the raw materials, QA and production stages as well as customer support.

"Cobra Fashion" swimwear and beachwear are all designed to meet with the the wide verity of needs and tastes in the best possible way.
Every summer "Cobra Fashion" surprises again by presenting a new fresh collection to match with the latest international trends.

Cobras swimwear style comes with a large verity of cuts and fits to match and flutter the feminine curves. Styles includes: bikini styles small to large breast, "dress stylish" swimwear for covering the hips, one piece "cross over" that blares the belly and large breast, "Tankinis" that also fits pregnant women, and "one piece" styles that are all supported by an interior power net to compliment the feminine body.
Cobra Fashion constantly strives to improve and accommodate to the needs of women, while remaining a leader in the swimwear and beachwear industry.
"Cobra Fashion" assorted swimwear variety is available in selected dep. Stores and leading Lingerie chain stores.

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